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In Mothering, Your True Self is Enough with Susanna Peace Lovell

Christine welcomes Susanna Peace Lavelle to the sacred window Podcast. Susanna is based in Los Angeles and is a life coach, advocate for disability families, author, speaker, and Reiki practitioner dedicated to the health and wellness of disability families.

Christine was drawn to Susanna's story of resilience in her postpartum journey and parenting experience. They discuss the universal experience of finding ourselves when faced with the uncertainty and vulnerability of becoming parents.Susanna shares about her pregnancy journey, which was unexpected and a surprise. She experienced severe morning sickness for most of the pregnancy. Her daughter Arizona was also very fussy as an infant which was challenging.

They discuss Susanna's experience with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She hit rock bottom with severe depression and no sleep after two weeks. Susanna began reaching out for support and professional help during this difficult time.

About Susanna:

Susanna Peace Lovell is following her call to support families navigating disability. She is a life coach, advocate, writer, speaker and reiki master. Navigating severe postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her daughter 18 years ago, Suzanna began a journey of growing her resiliency as she discovered peace and empowerment in the challenges she and her daughter faced individually and the love that brought them together.

When Susanna’s daughter was born, she brought some unexpected challenges, including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and myriad food allergies. Looking for resources and support, Susanna struggled to find a map for the road ahead. After more than 17 years of hard work and triumph, Suzanna’s book is that map: the blueprint for special-needs caregivers that she’d wished for back then.

To make this book even more special, Susanna’s daughter, Arizona, writes the forward and has contributed her thoughts and reflections which have shaped this beautiful work in support of mothers (and children) worldwide. Thank you Susanna, and thank you Arizona.



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